Am I eligible for Government funded services?

The Australian Government pays a large proportion of the cost of aged care services in Australia so it’s important to find out what funding is available to you or your loved one. The following information is a guide to the assessment process that determines if you are eligible for funded aged care services.

RSL Care delivers these services in accordance with the Commonwealth Government’s Consumer Directed Care (CDC) initiative.

We have provided links that will explain the process in more detail. Alternatively, you can talk to a member of our helpful RSL Care Customer Centre team by calling Ph 1300 076 566, to discuss your health and wellbeing needs and for guidance on how government aged care funding works.

What funding are you or your loved one eligible for?

The first step to finding out if you are eligible for residential aged care funding is to arrange to have your needs assessed by a member of an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)*. You can do this directly by visiting the My Aged Care Website, or by calling the free call number Ph 1800 200 422.

The ACAT is an independent assessor funded by the Australian Government so it is not affiliated to RSL Care or any other aged care service provider. The assessment service is free and carried out by a local ACAT member who is usually a health care professional, doctor, nurse or social worker.

How the ACAT assessment works

When you contact My Aged Care you will be asked some questions to evaluate which services might best suit your needs. Based on your eligibility, an ACAT assessor will arrange a time to visit you in your home (or hospital, if you are currently in hospital) to talk to you about your day-to-day routine. If you need support during the assessment then a friend, carer or loved one is welcome to attend the assessment with you.

During the visit, the ACAT assessor will ask you a number of questions to find out more about:

  • Your daily routine
  • Your physical health and overall wellbeing
  • Activities and routines that you enjoy or want to continue
  • The type of assistance you need
  • The things which are important to you, such as staying in touch with your family, your social connections in the community, and your hobbies and interests

During the visit the ACAT assessor can talk to you about the residential care services available in your area, including home care services and residential respite care.

RSL Aged Care services are available to all members of the community, as well as ex-service men and women. If you wish to nominate RSL Care as your preferred residential aged care provider please tell the ACAT assessor during your assessment.

After the Assessment

Once you have been assessed by ACAT, you will receive a letter from them to confirm whether you have been approved to receive Australian Government subsidised aged care services. The letter will tell you what type of services you are eligible to receive.

You will need to keep this letter and show it to us when you apply for a place with RSL Care.

If you have any concerns about the assessment or outcome you received from ACAT you may contact your local ACAT, or your state government. Click here to find out how to resolve or report an issue.

How much will it cost?

Although the Australian Government provides subsidies for aged care services, you may be asked to contribute towards the cost of your care if you can afford to do so. When you are considering residential aged care you will need to understand what you may be asked to pay towards your accommodation, care and daily living costs.

Click here to find out more about residential aged care costs.

Finding the right services for you or your loved one

If you haven’t already nominated RSL Care as your chosen residential aged care provider you can visit the My Aged Care website to access the Aged Care Homes Finder and compare our services with others in your preferred location.

It is essential that you find residential aged care services that match your or your loved one’s personal needs and preferences. With more than 75 years experience in the provision of residential aged care RSL Care understands how important it is to adapt to our customers’ individual needs and add a personal touch to our services.

Before you begin your search for residential aged care services it will help to make a list of what’s important for you to feel at home, the kind of care that you or your loved one needs, along with a list of health, wellbeing and social activities you’d like to have access to.

Choosing RSL Care residential services

RSL Care is committed to providing high quality services in a safe and friendly environment, and working with you and your loved ones to build a personalised plan that focuses on health, personal goals and maintaining independence.

We are a not-for-profit organisation that has grown from simple beginnings to become a trusted provider of services to the broad community, including ex-service men and women. RSL Care is an industry leader, committed to engaging our customers to provide feedback that enables us to continually improve and deliver innovative aged care services that enhance the lives of the people in our community.

RSL Care provides quality services delivered by highly experienced, qualified staff in a modern, welcoming setting. We actively engage our customers in reviewing our services to ensure that we consistently meet evolving needs and preferences. Our services extend from low to high care, transitional care, respite caredementia care and palliative care.

To find out more about RSL Care residential aged care services please freecall our Customer Contact Centre on 1300 076 566 to arrange a visit to an RSL Care residential community, or to find out more about the choices available to you.