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Residential Aged Care

The decision to move to residential aged care heightens emotions for all concerned. The prospect of leaving a long term home and community coupled with the complexities and processes involved can be daunting.

So please, be assured at the outset that when it comes to you and your families’ concerns and priorities, we’re listening.

By working with you and your loved ones, our Residential Aged Care services can be shaped and tailored to suit your needs. We strive, to deliver services that enable you – our residents to live well in a safe, friendly environment – empowered by knowing you can access additional services whenever you need them.

Our professional, friendly and caring team are expert and supportive at helping people settle in. You’ll be welcomed and respected.
As a resident you will have access to our multi-disciplinary team of trained nurses, personal carers, therapists, catering and housekeeping staff.

Their collaboration provides you with access to a caring, dignified and respectful environment 24 hrs a day.

For more information just call Ph 1300 076 566, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or make an online enquiry here.

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