RSL Care’s Future

Today, RSL Care is one of Australia’s largest providers of services for older people and is one of the very few that can offer a full range of services irrespective of stage of life or level of need and will continue to do so into the future.

While we’ll always be here for the ex-Service community –  Our HomeCare, Retirement Living and Residential Aged Care services are available to all members of Australian’s aged community.

As a new generation moves toward older age, we’re reviewing our business to respond to changing expectations and attitudes. As is true of any industry leader we’re researching and working with customers to reinvent, re-engineer and redesign the ageing experience.

We’re developing an expanded, diversified portfolio of services to deliver a positive, healthy ageing experience and we are looking to reduce the risk of chronic illness and improve healthy life and working life expectancies.

Our history has been rich and varied. Through challenging the traditional assumptions of ageing, RSL Care’s new business model will ensure continued leadership in the support of a community who have ever changing needs, expectations, goals and dreams.

Developing new services

We are partnering with our customers to innovate and co-design products and services that support all stages of health and wellbeing through:

  • Planning and prevention
  • Maintaining and strengthening
  • Rehabilitating and restoring

A range of health and wellbeing options focused on providing advice, motivation and connection for mental and physical wellness earlier in life are under development.
We are building an industry leading Palliative Care and Dementia Care framework to provide more choice and independence to our customers at every stage of age.

At RSL Care we are exploring new models of living for the second half of life, with a focus on restorative environments that are connected and engaged with local communities.