The RSL Care Charter

Our Purpose

In the spirit of our heritage, we continue to promote well-being and independence for our fellow Australians.

The RSL Care’s history spans over 75 years. Our story is one of transformation, driven by a clear purpose to actively promote the wellbeing and independence of all older Australians.  In so doing, we are constantly monitoring the social dynamics of the ageing experience and continually evolving to best meet the needs of all older Australians.

As the trustee of the RSL QLD War Veterans’ Homes Trust which supports the Ex-Service community, we have grown to offer a wide range of services across HomeCare,Retirement Living, Transitional and Residential Aged Care.

Our Inspiration

At RSL Care our passion is guiding people to make the most out of life.

Our Ideals

Our Charter signalled a transformational, philosophical and cultural change for our organisation and has set the scene for our new strategic direction.
RSL Care Charting Our Own Course We Chart Our Own Course
We shape the future with our customers. We explore new horizons and set new standards that promote independence.
RSL Care Unlocking Potenitals We Unlock Potential
We empower people to realise their full potential. We provide choices that free individuals to be the best they can be.
RSL Care Seeking A Better Way We Seek a Better Way
We work together and share ideas to inspire curiosity and innovation. We encourage people to have a go and feel confident about seeking improvement.
RSL Care Being True We Are True To Ourselves and Others
We are real people making a real difference through genuine conversations. We follow through on our commitments by taking personal accountability and responsibility for our actions.


We also provide our services to residents of leading national retirement living operators throughout 48 Queensland and New South Wales communities. We passionately believe in working with our customers to guide them to live life to the full.

As a not-for profit organisation, our charitable status remains at the centre of our strategic framework and supports our operation as a charity and a public benevolent institution.