RSL Care Our History


RSL Care’s history that began with the establishment of the RSL QLD War Veterans’ Homes Trust created to support the Ex-Service community. Since the opening of our first veterans’ hostel in 1938 we’ve grown to offer a wide range of services, across a portfolio of HomeCare, Retirement Living and Residential Aged Care options. Through this growth we’ve also expanded our capacity to support the broader community and we welcome every older Australian who chooses the benefits of our services. Our proud beginnings continue with the Trust remaining at the apex of our strategic framework, supporting our operations as a charity and a public benevolent institution.

RSL Care undertakes significant consumer and market research and begins transforming its business model to meet the changing needs of consumers. We’ve continued to build on our research program and broaden our understanding of how we can provide our customers with personalized solutions that motivate wellbeing and promote independence. Our customer segmentation research confirmed our belief that a one size fits all model is not what our customers are looking for and supports our desire to deliver a better and more rewarding experience for our customers.

In July 2014, the Board endorses a new Strategic Plan to sustain growth via an integrated customer-led Service Delivery Model. We’re continuing our commitment to achieving operational excellence, adopting and adapting our practices in response to customer, competitive and regulatory changes. We have reinvested in our capabilities to ensure that the majority of our services are operating within top quartile industry benchmarks (StewartBrown Benchmarking). Our new capabilities include upgrading our internal systems and processes, aligning our workforce structure and training and developing our people to better serve our customers.

Our brand will play a key role as we look to grow scale in our operations. We have created a new positioning, promoting proactive, healthy ageing over the traditional, reactive care model. This has been achieved with our customers. We know from the evidence accumulated in our customer research that customers recognize the wonderful guidance we offer but will be looking for greater choice in the future. So that we are ready to meet this expectation, we are taking steps to evolve our brand architecture. In doing so we will contemporize our brand into one that celebrates our history and legacy, while ensuring relevance and sustainability into the future.

In this changing environment, we recognize we have a unique opportunity to position ourselves as an industry leader and as an innovator by working with our customers to reinvent the ageing experience. We have established an innovation hub as a growth incubator. Our approach to innovation is from ‘outside in’ without the constraints of current product or service definitions or long-held assumptions about customer preferences. We now have a multi-disciplinary team that is shaping and designing concepts with our customers to develop services that will deliver proactive health outcomes they value for many years to come.

In 2015 RSL Care nurse Catrin Dittmar was awarded Australian Nurse of the Year in the Hesta Nursing Awards. The organisation has also been recognised for its progressive business model winning the 2015 National Good Design Business Award.

By listening to our customers we’ve learnt first-hand the different needs and preferences for health services, which is why we are reinvesting in our organization to embrace a new business model. Our new business model is about proactively guiding and motivating people to wellbeing and personal growth in their later years. Consisting of life stages that focus on productive ageing, we are working with our customers to innovate and co-design specific products and services that support:

  • planning and prevention
  • maintaining and strengthening
  • rehabilitating and restoring


  • Australian Nurse of the Year 2015 Hesta Nurse of the Year Award
  • Recognised for our industry leading ‘Bravo – Go Get Tomorrow’ business model design, 2015 Good Design® Awards
  • NSW Winner and National Finalist for the ACHA 2015 Chef of the Year
  • Two finalists in the 2015 Retirement Village Manager of the Year Awards
  • Finalist in the Best Technology for Operational Efficiency Category, 2015 Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards
  • Not for Profit Executive of the Year, CEO Magazine 2014 National Executive of the Year Awards
  • Runner-up CEO of the Year, CEO Magazine 2014 National Executive of the Year Awards
  • National Catering Innovation of the Year Award, 2014 OSCAR Hospitality – Aged Care Hospitality Awards
  • Finalist employee and organisation categories, ACSA Queensland 2014 Aged Care Awards for our Clinical Governance Framework
  • The Most Outstanding Healthcare Education Provider in Australasia in 2014, Australasian Over 50s Housing Awards