As a public benevolent institution, RSL Care is exempt from having to pay the Australian Government Tax Office, a tax for providing its employees with Fringe Benefits. We are therefore able to pay part of an employee’s wages in fringe benefits (loan repayments, school fees etc), reducing the tax an employee pays, giving them greater buying power with their money.

This is possible because RSL Care can pay an employee’s expenses on their behalf before the employee pays tax on their whole wage. Ordinarily the employee would pay tax on the wages they were due to receive, be paid the balance and then have to pay their expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions about salary packaging are provided to assist you.

RSL Care offers flexible lifestyle choices and competitive pay and conditions.

Benefits include:

  • Five weeks annual leave for full time employees, pro rata for part time employees.
  • My Benefits rewards membership offer.
  • Staff who share a caring and committed approach to their work.
  • Competitive remuneration; including salary packaging which can deliver up to an additional 6% in wages/salary.
  • Commitment to a work life balance with flexible hours available to suit your lifestyle.
  • A wide range of training opportunities and Professional development opportunities.
  • The ability to transfer between locations throughout our expanding network of facilities.

    For more information about working at RSL Care, please phone 1300 669 146 or email